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By applying computer programming in new ways, Preston Kavanagh was able to uncover remarkable facts about the Hebrew Scriptures, their heroes, villains, origins, authors, and hidden messages. Through his work, Kavanagh has uncovered answers to critical questions such as how coding was used to pass messages between scholarly groups during the Hebrew Exile, the identities of Second Isaiah and the Suffering Servant, and the authorship of numerous chapters of Scripture. The books listed below also trace the fatal effects of the failed 573 BCE Cyrus-led attempt to retake and hold Jerusalem, which unexpectedly helps to explain why Jesus called himself Son of Man. In summary, this web site offers a start to reworking the history of the Babylonian Exile of the Jews—and New Testament history, also.

This web site includes chapters (Excerpts) from the books shown below. Use the navigation menu and scan their pages now, or buy the books and read them at your leisure. The pricing is competitive.

The Exilic Code The Shaphan Group Huldah Ezekiel to Jesus